Interreg IIIA Greece - Bulgaria

Project Abstract

This project is part of a Cross Border Cooperation program which focuses in the development of two parallel processing clusters (one in the University of Thessaloniki with the help of this project and the other in Bulgaria with the aid of the complementary PHARE CBC project in the Bulgarian side). The cluster infrastructure in either side will be set up with the aid of the expert technical staff of the Computational Physics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Physics. The goal is first to create the tool for High Performance Computing, the clusters, and then to use it in order to transfer the know-how of using Large Scale Simulations and Methods of Statistical Physics for the solution of Interdisciplinary problems. For this purpose a select team of active and computer programming literate faculty members of the Bulgarian side will be trained in Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, as well as techniques of HPC and even GRID technology.

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