Odessa, Ukraine

2018 IEEE 8th International Conference on "Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties"

September 9-14 (2018)




Nicosia, Cyprus

XXXIII annual Panhellenic Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science

September 17-19 (2018)




Thessaloniki, Greece

CCS'18: The Conference on Complex Systems 2018

September 23-28 (2018)




Moscow, Russia

3d International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

September 24-27 (2018)




Florence, Italy

COMPENG: IEEE Workshop on Complexity in Engineering

October 10-12 (2018)


May 31 (2018)


Catania, Italy

International School on Informatics and Dynamics in Complex Networks

October 15-19 (2018)




Cluj-Napoca, Romania

RO-LCG 2018 Conference on Grid, Cloud & High Performance Computing in Science

October 17-19 (2018)


June 1 (2018)


Gif-sur-Yvette, Paris, France

PhysBio 2018 - 4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems

October 22-24 (2018)




Turin, Italy

13TH SICC International Tutorial Workshop "Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics"

October 29-30 (2018)




Thessaloniki, Greece

7th International Conference "Micro&Nano 2018"

November 5-7 (2018)




Smolenice Castle, Slovakia

10th international conference on Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces (SSSI 2018)

November 19-22 (2018)


September 24 (2018)


Cambridge, UK

7th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

December 11-13 (2018)




Buenos Aires, Argentina

StatPhys27 - 27th IUPAP Conference on Statistical Physics

July 8-12 (2019)




Erlangen, Germany

International Conference Diffusion Fundamentals VIII (DF8)

September 1-5 (2019)